What is the Daily Bonus?

Player receive a special daily bonus each day (24 hr. period) that they log into the game.

What to do if I can't pass the level?

All our levels can be completed without purchasing lives, coins or boosters. Our developers only release levels after they personally ensure that levels are beatable without the use of purchases. Boosters and coins can give you the extra edge you need to finish a level, but they are entirely optional and are not needed in order to pass any of our levels. The game is completely free if that's how you want to play it!

Try and make power ups (4-5 in a row, or other different shapes) to clear hard levels. Combining power ups will also create a new effect that can sometimes clear an entire board!

What to do if I've completed all the levels?

Congratulations on finishing all of the levels! That is an amazing!

Our development team is constantly working on new levels. We can't give you an exact time for when new levels will be released, but it'll be soon!

We're constantly updating our games and releasing new features and levels so be sure to check the your App store to get all of the latest new content.

How do I change the language of the game?

In order to change the language, press click "language selection button" on bottom banner, right under the game.

My lives disappeared

If you believe that you are missing lives, please contact our support team by mailing us.

In your message to us, please include an estimate of the number of lives you had before they went missing. If you don't remember the exact number, give us your best guess and we'd be happy to assist you!